Instllation Manual
IP camera installation
Author Honestech Date 2012-02-18 23:47:06
  1. Insert the installation CD into the CD/DVD drive on your computer. The installation should start automatically.
    Note: If the installation does not start automatically, choose Run from the Windows Start menu. Enter "d:autorun" (assuming installation CD is in D drive) in the run dialog box. You can also double-click on "Setup.exe" file on the installation CD to start the installation.

    Click to continue.

  2. Connect IP Camera to router

    Please connect the IP camera as shown below.
    Internet Modem → Wired/Wireless Router IP Camera

    Connect the IP camera to your router via ethernet cable (must be a wired connection). If your PC is connected to a wireless network, please make sure both the IP camera and you PC are connecting to the same network (accessing same router).

    Click to continue.

  3. Select an IP camera

    A list of available IP cameras will be displayed. Please select the IP camera you want to set up.

    1) Select the IP camera you want to set up from the list available.
    2) Enter your user ID and password
       ※ Factory default settings (User ID: admin, Password: blank).
    3) Enter the web port(choose between 2 and 65535)
    4) If you want to use different IP address, please use the "Advanced Settings".

    * If no IP cameras are listed, this indicates no cameras are detectable within the network. Please make sure that your IP camera is connected to the correct router.

    Advanced Settings

    • IP Address
      - First three values: Should be same as the IP address of the PC you are using.
      - Fourth value: Needs to be different from the IP address of your PC. Must be between and 2 and 254.
      example) Your PC:
                     IP camera:
    • Subnet Mask: same number as your PC
    • Gateway: same number as your PC
    • • DNS Server: same number as your PC
    • • Port: enter a number between 2 and 65535.
          ※ The port number for the IP camera must be different from other IP cameras (if available).
    Click to continue.

  4. Log In(

    Enter the user ID and password and log in. If you are not registered, please visit, or click the Sign Up link to register for membership

    Click to continue.

  5. Register your IP camera
    Registering your IP camera at

    • Select your camera model. (Camera Model: HTI- NE01)
    • Enter IP camera's S/N. Each IP camera has its own unique serial number, and is found on the bottom of the IP camera.
    • Enter and Alias for your IP camera.
      IP Camera Alias: Enter a alias (nickname) for your camera. ex: My Office Cam
    • Click the "Register" button to register your IP camera at
      * You can access the IP camera via web address after the IP camera has been registered.
    Click to continue.

  6. Verify Setup
    IP Camera has been installed. Please test the settings

    IP camera has been configured successfully.
    Click on the Web Address link to verify you can access the IP camera.

    • Please wait 3-5 minutes for the [ 1.URL ] address to become active.
    • If you can access the IP camera via the [ 2.Internal URL ], but not via the [ 1.URL ], your router may be blocking the access. You must configure port forwarding on your router.

    Please refer to the routers user guide for port forwarding details.

    Click to continue.

  7. Additional Settings

    • Reset password for your IP camera.
      Enter a new password for your IP camera.

      Note) If you want to reset the password manually, press and hold the reset button found on the bottom of the IP camera.
    • Wireless Setup

      1) Click the "Web Address" link
      2) Check the "Use Wireless Connection" option
      3) Click the [Scan] button to find available wireless networks.
      4) Find the wireless network provided by your router.
         * Please refer to your routers user guide for additional details.
      5) Click the [Apply] button to save the settings.
         * SSID, Network Type, Encryption will be configured automatically. Please do not change the settings unless required.
    • Mail Setup
      Please refer to section 5.5 Options, for instructions on how to set up email.

    Click to continue.

  8. Install the client application

    IP camera(s) can be accessed remotely from a PC computer and/or smartphone

    1) For PC: Install the client application.
       - Save video on your PC.
       - Access up to 9 IP cameras at a time
         * You can also install the client later by using the installation CD (Home Monitor Wireless Client/setup.exe)

    2) For Smartphone: Install the app for your iPhone® or Android™ phone.
       -Search for "HomeMonitorWireless" in the app store or Android market place.

    3) For Windows Mobile users, please follow these instructions.
       1. Launch the web browser on your Windwow Mobile phone.
       2. Go to
       3. Download and install the installation file.
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