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Mail Settings
Author Honestech Date 2012-02-12 19:35:54
- Mail Settings

Home Monitor can automatically send email notifications to you when motion is detected.

1) Enter the IP camera’s IP address into a web browser.
2) Click on the “Settings” button.

3) Click on the “Alarm Service Settings” link on the right side. Then check the “Motion Detection” and “Send alarm notification via email” options to enable this service

4) Click on the “Mail Service Settings” link on the right side.

- Sender's email : Enter the sender's email address. The email address must be valid and supported by the SMTP protocol. You must enter correct email setup information.
- Recipient's email 1~4: Enter the recipient's email address. You can assign up to 4 recipient email addresses.
- SMTP Server/Port : Enter the SMTP server name and port number supported by the email service provider

Email service provider SMTP Server SMTP Port
Google 465
yahoo 25
Daum 465
Naver 587

- TLS (Transport Layer Security) Protocol (??): Select the protocol supported by the SMTP server. Generally STARTTLS is used.
- SMTP user ID / Password: Enter your user ID and password for your email. Generally your email address is the user ID.
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