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ftp Settings
Author Honestech Date 2012-02-08 15:37:16
- ftp Settings

You can backup captured snapshots by uploading them to your FTP server (requires an FTP server and/or account).

1) Enter the IP camera’s IP address into a web browser.
2) Click on the “Settings” button.

3) Click on the “Alarm Service Settings” link on the right side. Then check the “Motion Detection” and “Upload Images” options to enable this service

4) Click on the “FTP Settings” link on the right side.

- Server / Port : Enter the FTP server address and port number.
- User ID / Password : Enter the user ID and password.
- Default Remote Directory : Select the folder where files can be saved to. The images files will be uploaded to the root folder if no directory is selected.
- FTP Transfer Mode : Select the transfer mode (PORT: active mode, PASV: passive mode).Typically "PORT:active mode" is the most common transfer mode.
- Upload Interval (sec) : Assign the image upload time interval (1~65535 sec.) Entering ‘0’ will disable the uploading feature.
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