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Alarm Settings
Author Honestech Date 2012-02-12 10:57:06
- Alarm Settings

IP Camera can detect motion and activate various notification features. When motion is detected, you can set Home Monitor to send email notifications and/or upload captured images to an FTP server.

1) Enter the IP camera’s IP address into a web browser
2) Click on the “Settings” button.

3) Click the "Alarm Service Settings” link on the right side

- Motion detection : Check the “Motion Detection” option to enable this service.
- Motion Detection Sensitivity : The higher the number, the more sensitive the motion detection.
- Alarm Input Armed / Send alarm signal to external device: The IP camera can communicate with external devices by sending or receiving signals. Use the ports to connect external devices.
    Alarm Input.Output (1.Output(+5V), 2. Output, 3.Alarm Input, 4.Input (GND) )
  • Input Pin (3,4):
    Requires external sensor. An external sensor device (such as a heat sensor) can be connected allowing the IP camera to receive signals from it indicating when to record video or take snapshot images.
  • Output Pin (1,2):
    Send out signal to external alarm/security system (Pin #1: +5V; Pin #2, LOW). The Send alarm signal to external device option needs to be checked for this feature.

- Send email notification : An email notification will be sent when motion is detected.
- Send alarm notification via web: A message will be displayed on your web browser.
- Upload Image On Alarm : Captured images will be uploaded to an FTP server when motion is detected.
- Upload Interval (sec): Assign the image upload time interval. (1~65535 sec.)
- Path : Select the folder where images files will be stored.
- Scheduler : Set up IP camera serveillance schedule.
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